The Moon and its role

As moon passes through its phases, the ebb and flow of its energy wash through you like the coming and going of tides. When you tap into the moons tempo and plan the events of your life in tune with its rhythm, you feel more centred and balanced, and every aspect of life is in harmony with nature`s music

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Knowing The Secrets of Your Birth - Tantric Astrology

Tantra ( Tantric )
The word "tantra" is derived from the combination of two words "tatva" and "mantra". "Tatva" means the science of cosmic principles, while "mantra" refers to the science of mystic sound vibrations. Tantra therefore is the application of cosmic sciences with a view to attain spiritual ascendancy. In another sense, tantra also means the scripture by which the light of knowledge is spread. The main deities worshipped are Shiva and Shakti. The most vigorous aspects of ancient wisdom tradition evolved as an esoteric system of knowledge are in the Tantras.

Astrology, primarily known as a branch of study of the mechanics of the movement patterns and designs of the celestial bodies and especially the composition and contents of the Cosmos, in the ancient times, has later developed into a very popular branch of a serious study of the influence of these celestial bodies on the earth, its inhabitants and evironments.

Tantric Astrology 
Tantric Astrology ( Tantriga Jyotidam ) is an esoteric science practice by very few masters in India is a system designed by ancient Indian mystics.

Here are the main topics covered during the consultation:

- Ways to Attract Planets Positive Energy
The planets are not just physical masses of matter floating on the space. They are tremendously powerful astral energies or psychic forces, which affect us in our astral body, the subtle energy and psychic field surrounding and inter-penetrating our physical body.-

-Ways to Attain departed Ancestor's blessings
At the deeper methaphysical level, there are only two reasons for all of our problem:
~ 1st is Planetary influences
~ 2nd is Departed spirits influences
The yogis and siddhas of India paid equal attention to the bodily existence, while one is alive and also the disembodied existence after one dies. Accordiing to them our dead ancestors are also governing our destiny besides the planets. There are few solutions to overcome problems in our life, be it financial, relationship, health and etc. One of the most important solutions is by practicing rituals for our ancestors. Miracles take place after the rituals are done. Therefore, through this system you will learn the secrets how to appease your dead ancestors to get their blessings for greater health, wealth, prosperity and enlightenment.

-Secret Method of Karma Removal
The ultimate purpose of our human life is God realization. Siddha's principle tell you that you can get to your life purpose only when your karma has been wiped clean. When that happens an intense flowering happens, and both the material and spiritual worlds open up for you. You have a choice then on the abundance that you are presented with.Whether you take the spiritual or material route, one thing is certain: you have to completely eliminate your karma to even to get there.

-Sound Wave of your name can activate chakras and energy
In this reading you will also be given a personalised mantra that is constructed using your own name. Your name is by itself a mantra and your destiny is coupled to it. What a coincidence, it is not by accidents that your parents named you as they did.
You are the giant magnet that can attract positive and negative energy. Regular chanting of these mantra would energize your body with positive energy and turn your auric field into negative energy so that your auric field will work as a shield of your body to attract positive things and repel negative things in your daily life. This technique is the greatest secret gift given by our mystics to us for a successfull life with greater health, wealth, prosperity and enlightenment

other important topics :

- Soul's mission in this life
- Spiritual secrets
- Pre-dominant chakras
- Education / career / business path
- Qualities, talents and capabilities of the individual
- Potential illness and appropriate remedies
- Natural diet and yoga exercises suitable for the individual
- What you owe to society in your previous life and ways to pay the dues
- Secret Mantras and rituals to remove bad karmas from millions of your previous births
- Secret Tantric Ritual to appease your dead ancestor`s for greater health, wealth & prosperity

and many more......

Astrology is not a final prediction, astrology only shows the potentials and the energies that influence. Knowing these energies is helpfull if you want to know the self and be part of the 5% humanity who make it happen materially or spiritually !

- 90 - 180 minutes per session ( in Tamil / English )
- place @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- only 1 or 2 readings are scheduled on each day
- price p/consultation :- RM 240 for Malaysia,  USD 150 for overseas

NOTE: Only serious knowledge seekers are welcome

Astrology, Worship and Remedies
The purpose of Astrology and Temple is to fix problems by focusing attention on worships and remedies. Unfortunately most people dont have such a fortunate life to learn about worships and remedies or have the grace and faith to believe in them. Remember rituals, worships and remedies of temples particularly in south Indian temples are nothing more or less then a advance technology to connect with divine beings. Divine help is available and we have ways to help you access divine intervention in your problems.

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Make your life worth living it! This science has assured many people of all walk of life, with peace and prosperity.